What is Bitcoin Bully?

Bitcoin Bully is a free to join fun filled introduction to crypto currency. Easy to follow videos give you a helping hand as you discover this fascinating but sometimes confusing world of crypto.

What is Bitcoin and Crypto Currency?

There is a fantastic website that gives you a quick run down of exactly what the 'blockchain' and Bitcoin is here (www.bitcoin.org) And if we could sum it up....We'd say it's a method of payment that is going to change the world! We want to be a part of that change and we think you will too 🙂

What are the risks?

Bitcoin Bully is free and will always be free to join and share with others. That being said, you should always do your due diligence when it comes to anything 'crypto' related. Put simply, if it sounds too good to be true....It is! We do our best to give you the best information for beginners but please note, this is an industry that changes daily....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE research ANYTHING you get involved in – Bitcoin Bully included!

Will I get rich with Bitcoin Bully?

Absolutely not! This is not a get rich quick scheme and there are zero payment plans with Bitcoin Bully. The programs within Bully do have affiliate programs attached but no money is transferred between Bitcoin Bully and it's members. This is a training and information site with the opportunity to learn as you go! Please remember – If anyone is telling you that you will get rich from anything crypto related...RUN as far as you can away from it!

Disclaimer – Please Read Before Joining!

There is ZERO claims of income and while we recommend certain programs within Bitcoin Bully there is zero guarantee of returns. The only guarantee is that the crypto market will go up and it will go down! Please remember this is EXTREMELY volatile and could goto zero at anytime. We make no claims of income, guaranteed returns of any kind. Please remember this before you take part in any program within Bitcoin Bully.

Remember – You are responsible for EVERY decision you make! We will do our best to help you and create an enjoyable experience but remember, this industry is so new and changes will take place. Crypto is very exciting but has huge risk!

We reserve the right to change / remove anything or any program within Bitcoin Bully at anytime!